Tips on Using Social Media To Generate Leads For my Business

Is social media important for my business?

Yes! If you’re a marketer or an entrepreneur, you can effectively use social media to build your brand and successfully interact with your customers. However, despite how useful such platforms have been, there are lots of people who still struggle to generate leads from such sites and converting them into sales.

Currently, creating an account on any social media platform is free for any business. Therefore, in order to take advantage of this, it’s important to understand how to use these sites effectively to get more sales. Here are a few tricks you could immediately put into use.

Start By Blogging to Showcase Your Expertise

By creating your own blog, readers will find a reason to visit your site, regardless of the type of products you offer. Also, this is a great way to showcase your expertise in your niche. Most people usually seek solutions to their problems on the internet.

Posting relevant articles such as DIY tutorials, you are simply enticing them to visit your site. It’s prudent for the content to remain high quality, informative and engaging. That way, readers are more likely to subscribe to your blog for new posts and also visit your site for more information on the products on sale.

Link Your Blog to the Social Media Accounts You Own

Social media sites are havens for potential customers waiting for you to tap. Therefore, you should link your blog to these accounts and inadvertently your site. On that note, for every new post, a link is immediately updated on your social media account for all your followers to see.

There are a few ways you can transform social media leads into sales at this point.

  1. You can use enticing topics with cliffhangers which leave your followers wanting more. Eventually, they will be forced to visit your blog/site for more information.
  2. You should have pop-up lead capture forms. Don’t forget to implement a few calls to action with enticements such as trial services to attract more people.

That way, in order for anyone to view your site, he/she should immediately sign up. It might be a backdoor trick, but it eventually gets the work done.

Engage and Interact With Your Followers on Social Media

There are lots of people on Facebook or Twitter who might be interested in your product but they are reluctant to visit your site.

Therefore, they are forced to comment/post on your Facebook wall or tweet to you directly for more information on the specific products you are selling.

Of course, you need to keep them interested and intrigued by constantly commenting and replying to the posts. Also, make sure you are fast about it. If you take days to reply to posts, most customers might lose their interest.

If there are new products ready to be launched, let your followers be the first to know. Make sure your presence on social media is current and your online business will thrive accordingly.