Dopamine Detox: Day 1

Yesterday I made a decision to start a Dopamine Detox.

I’d like to make it very clear that I’m not a professional on this topic, please don’t take anything that I’m about to say as professional advice. I’m just a guy trying to get rid of some bad habits and sharing it on my blog.


What is a Dopamine Detox?

The idea is to devoid the brain of any good happy activity, that, in the end, even a boring activity ends up being fun. That way, the brain starts to love it.


This are six compulsive behaviors as targets of the Dopamine Detox:

  1. Emotional eating
  2. Excessive internet usage and gaming
  3. Gambling and shopping
  4. Porn and masturbation
  5. Thrill and novelty seeking
  6. Recreational drugs


Why am I doing it?

Since I can remember, I’ve been told by people I look up to, that I’m a very smart person and I think I drank the Kool-Aid and thought I could outsmart life. But that’s not how life works, you can be the smartest person in the world, but if you’re lazy, it’s worthless.


That’s where I am right now, 29 and worthless…

But it’s time for some changes. I evaluated my self yesterday and I came to the conclusion that I have to stop wasting my time watching YouTube , TikTok, Netflix, etc… Social Media is also taking a toll on me. Watching people do things and I’m just here, at home, watching them do things instead of doing them myself.


Today is the first day of my dopamine detox and I already fucked it up

I had this whole day planned out to keep myself busy with healthier activities and it turns out I’m such a wasteman, I woke up late and didn’t do half the stuff on my list.

Get up and make the bed7:30 AM15 Min
Drink 1 liter of water 7:45 AM15 Min
Meditate8:00 AM30 Min
Journal8:30 AM30 Min
Workout9:00 AM1 Hour
Eat Breakfast10:00 AM30 Min
Take a Shower10:30 AM15 Min
Break10:45 AM15 Min
Study Session11:00 AM3 Hours
Break2:00 PM30 Min
Work/Study/Shores2:30 PM3 Hours 30 Min
Lunch with the wife and baby6:00 PM1 Hour
Study Session7:00 PM2 Hours
Family time9:00 PM3 Hours
Bed time12:00 PM7 Hours

Good news

I’m still media sober. No YouTube, no TikTok, no social media.